image courtesy of Evtim Batchev

image courtesy of Evtim Batchev


Constantly looking for new images, new challenges and new people and clients who appreciate quality photography. 

I have been around the world, around the UK and around the corner - I still like to sit and have a coffee meet new people and make them great images. 

This website is optimised for quality as opposed to speed so apologies if the images take a little moment to load. Please be patient.

I am commissioned on a per project basis and normally my professional fee does not include travel (mileage/associated costs) unless specifically stated before commencement. There are times when it is possible to combine travel costs with another client if shooting in the same region.

Print sales.

Some of my non commissioned work is available as a limited edition C Type print, mounted on Aluminium with an acrylic facing. Please contact me for further information.

A digital C Type print is any photographic print that has been exposed using digital technology, rather than traditional analogue (otherwise known as ‘darkroom’) techniques. In an analogue setting, an enlarger, an optical apparatus similar to a slide projector, projects the image of a negative onto a sheet of photographic paper whilst controlling focus, intensity and duration of light. With a digital C Type this part of the process is controlled from a computer and the paper is exposed using lasers or LEDs rather than a bulb. The second part of the traditional process is much the same however: the paper is processed in a photographic developer, followed by bleach fix before being washed to remove the processing chemicals.

So a digital C Type is a traditional photographic print, made from a digital file rather than a negative. Many customers think that a ‘digital print’ has to be a Giclée print but this is not so. A Giclée print is quite different, using no chemistry or light sensitivity.