Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary & NBBJ Architects.

I love this sort of project. Open brief, tight deadline and a great subject. The photography was commissioned by NBBJ, the Seattle based architects in conjunction with NHS Scotland, Laing O'Rourke and Ryder Consulting, this new state of the art hospital commonly referred to as 'The Garden Hospital' is due to open in December 2017. The brief was to deliver a set of images initially for a media rollout at the end of October and then for general publicity for all partners.


Knowing that weather was going to play a crucial part in delivering a successful shoot (as it does for 99% of architectural commissions) it was a case of anxiously scanning long range weather forecasts and keeping a flexible diary. Thankfully a recce visit to site a week previously paid off which saved valuable time for when a good weather window appeared and enabled me to plan which images could be made at different times of the day.

Two full days resulted in a portfolio of images that all parties could make a choice from depending on their needs, when the weather clouded over time was spent photographing the finished internal wards and corridors in order to utilise my time as best as possible. As you can imagine with a hospital due to open in less then two months there was a hive of activity with final construction work, installation of equipment and furniture, cleaning and staff orientation all being carried out at the same time it was difficult to find areas free of all this going on! I even managed to get some early morning and dusk (19 minutes after sunset) drone shots to give an overall view of the site.


  For : Sean Airhart, LEED AP Senior Associate / Photography Manager
NBBJ 223 Yale Avenue North SEATTLE WA 98109
Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary - Front Entrance